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Why Companies Should Invest and Use Secure Doc Sharing Sites Today

Now a day, People need to share data through internet. They need their important files anytime anywhere. Having hard copy anywhere is not possible or very tough work. File sharing has existed in one form or another since way before the cloud, the internet, and computers. It started with copying text by hand, and evolved to reel-to-reel audio tape duplication which led to the birth of the cassette tape. Later, the floppy disk came to prevalence, followed by the compact disc (the humble CD) and the memory stick. Secure file sharing consisted of ensuring things were delivered by hand by a trusted source, or posted with insurance. But even then, information could be intercepted and stolen in transit. Floppy disks could be stolen. Paper documents could be photocopied. Tapes could be duplicated. Memory sticks could be lost. All could be easily destroyed or corrupted.
The internet changed everything. Finally, we could share files and documents with one another without having to transfer the…