Benefits of Sharing Your Documents Online Save Trees and Go Green

Today, many find that sharing information with others online is quickly becoming the norm. From Twitter updates that tell your friends what you are doing at a specific moment, to sharing a news article on a social news site like Digg, to video and music sharing websites such as and Pandora that have attracted large audiences. Document sharing, a relatively new medium to online sharing, is shaping up to becoming a new Internet phenomenon, that can benefit bloggers, magazines, journalists, or even a business team working on a proposal.

Share Your Documents with a Tool Like Digital Locker:

Submitting your articles or blog posts in the form of document sharing is a pain free process and involves very little effort. Document sharing, while mainly meant for storing your documents online, benefits your site as a form of search engine optimization. The websites that store your documents in a public repository, which can have multiple links in a single article, will also be pushing your articles and press releases to search engines. In effect, this sharing push will let the top search engines see that your website/name is out there in multiple places, in return giving you higher visibility on a search query.

E-mails are only good for when two people are communicating. However, when groups of people are working on a single project, document sharing makes it easier by inviting the whole team to participate. The power of sharing your document across various departments becomes very effective when a document is in one centralized location. The hassle of combining various edits together, attaching documents to e-mails, file sizes, and formats become a non-trivial point for team editing when you use websites for document sharing.

Sharing documents is not limited to just documents. You can upload spreadsheets, power point presentations, and even PDF files. Technology has changed the outlook of how we manage and share important files and documents. This evolution of sharing information is here to stay and it will continue to evolve with time.


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