Share Your Important Documents in a Spam-Free Environment

BankUrDoc is a web-based tool that provides a secure environment for the organizations and individuals to exchange of documents and sharing information among a defined group of users. Bankurdoc are often used to support team collaboration in circumstances where the team members are geographically dispersed or are drawn from variety external organizations. Examples include a group of departments within a company that collaborate on a common project, or service companies that collaborate with a variety of outside clients, customers and partners.

Share your document with secure and safe Digital Locker:

Access to the bankurdoc requires a valid password with username. The permissions given to your unique username by the network administrator determines which part of the bankurdoc you can have access to. Thus, an bankurdoc allows you to share important documents, exchange information and conduct online collaborations in a secure environment, free from spam and un-authorized access.

Spam-Free Environment 
An bankurdoc has the same look and feel of an ordinary web site hosted on the World Wide Web. The only distinguishing feature is that an bankurdoc has a security protection base where access is restricted only to those who can view information on the network. This secure environment of an bankurdoc prevents unwelcome access. The prime use of an bankurdoc is for document sharing, facilitating collaboration among personnel who have access to the network. Bankurdoc can be accessed from remote locations wherever Internet can be accessed. This convenience makes bankurdoc very popular as against those network technologies that use proprietary protocols. They are an excellent means for information exchange.

Document Sharing

The standard feature of every network is the feature of document sharing. Bankurdoc are no exception to this. They facilitate document sharing between people within an organization, with customers having authorized access and with business partners like suppliers, distributors, channel partners etc.

Better than email  
When communicating with a group, sharing of information through an bankurdoc is superior to using regular email messages. In addition to eliminating spam, an bankurdoc permits storage of much larger file sizes than that allowed by email service providers. Thus, longer messages can be sent over bankurdoc. In addition, bankurdoc have facility for sharing of graphics and web pages that are useful.

Facility for Collaboration 
Another important feature of an bankurdoc is that it facilitates collaborations. Many enterprise processes and projects require collaboration from multiple people across organizations for them to be successful and or efficient. An bankurdoc provides an excellent platform for different people concerned with a enterprise process or a new business project to share information, documents and collaborate on one to one, many to one, and/or many-to-many basis to bring things to fruition efficiently and successfully. For example, consider the setting of a new manufacturing facility being built. Many people from different organizations are involved in the project. In an bankurdoc, all people who are concerned with the project will have access to the network. The work's progress can be visible over the network and different people will have the facility of collaborating and draw out future necessary plans to keep the project on course.


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